Flower Herbs

Flower Herbs

Flower Herbs: There are so many flowers can be used as herb or food:

  1. Rose (Rosa Rugosa Thunb): Rosebuds can be dried and make rose tea 3~5 g pour in hot water. When it’s cooler to be room temperature (Winter should be warmer as nearby our body temperature is the best.), add honey to drink. Its function is to soothe the liver.Personally, I like to use rosebuds or flower petals with fresh citrus skin peels and honey to make tea. The citrus skin is a great cleaner for the body.
    Contraindication: Not for excessive menstruation amount person and yin deficiency with deficiency fire person. If you lose weight to acceptable weight from rose tea, do not drink it often.Note: Please read  16 Health Benefits of Honey, According to Science (+2 Delicious Honey Recipes) by Jacky Mille

Peach flower: It’s an excellent herb for beauty. It can help facial qi and blood circulation,moisture skin, increase nutrition supply to the skin. Therefore, it prevents and/or treats pigmentation, treats dry skin and prevents skin diseases.

  • Fresh flowers: Get its juice to do facial massage.
  • Use dried peach flower powder (the best is natural dried indoor) to mix with honey as a face mask to put on the face for 20~30 minutes then wash out and do facial massage.
  • Dried peach flower 250 g,  Angelica 3 g sealed with 1000 cc rice wine for 30 days then drink 15~30 cc in the morning and in the evening. Meanwhile, pour the peach flower herbal wine on palm to do facial massage.

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