Five Organs Detoxification Exercises

Five Organs Detoxification Exercises

Five Organs Detoxification Exercises using each organ’s sound to do detoxification.

In TCM, five Zang organs (kidney, liver, heart, spleen, and lungs) related to five sounds. One sound guides energy to its related Zang (solid) organ. Please refer to Table 1 – Five Elements. Thanks to Dr. Ni, Hai Sha who taught us this five organs detoxification exercise.

In order to use qigong to detox five organs, we ought to use voice to do detoxification. When the moment you are out of voice, it’s the starting time to do detoxification. Therefore, keep push the sound out of your mouth even there is no voice can be heard until you have no more qi can come out your mouth.

The theory is using the organ’s sound to push energy flow to the organ and push out the turbid energy in the organ to go outside until the organ’s inside energy runs very very low, then, after you relaxed, the fresh energy can go into the organ to refile the organ. Therefore, it’s better for you to do it in the morning or in a clean air location – not indoor to exchange dirty air with the other persons.

  1. Kidney- continuous sounding chui ________________ Bend body with one leg forward, hands on the back kidneys’ locations
  2. Liver – continuous sounding xu_________ Hands on liver area- at the right lower rib cage.
  3. Heart- continuous sounding he__________________ (anyone with a stent, pacemaker , any other artificial devices that could loosen during exercises or osteoporosis or just after major surgery, cannot do this.) Keep your body around half footstep away from the wall. Left foot steps out, keep head forward to avoid hitting your head on the wall, tongue in the center of the mouth. Sounding “he” and moves your body backward to hit T5 area against a wall and let the wall pushes the “he” to be louder.
  4. Spleen – continuous sounding hu (lips form O shape) _______________ Put hands on the spleen area-left of your stomach on the lower left rib cage.
  5. Lungs – continuous sounding si _____________Cross both hands and raise them upward
  6. San Jiao -intermediate sounding  xi __ __ __ __ Cross both hands and raise them upward

The San Jiao system are the spaces between organisms. It includes nerves, blood vessels, lymph system and connective tissues. San Jiao has its important function for our body’s organ health, nutrition delivery, water distribution, body waste expelling and organs collaborating functions.

You’d better do detoxification exercises in a fresh air environment. If you practice at indoor especially at a lot of people’s gym, you will learn how worse it is: After doing the liver detoxification, your eyesight suppose to be brighter. But, it could become darker. It happened when I practiced it indoor.

This five organs detoxification exercise is for your reference. If you have any health issues, please consult your doctor before you practice it.

This website does not take any responsibility for any wrong practice result from this exercises.

You should consult a qigong master for the correct practice of the five organs detoxification exercises.

If you have any recommendations and/or positive result from practice this five organs detoxification, please put your comment(s) below in order to benefit the other people. Thanks for your sharing.

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