Facial Rejuvenation Tips

There are tips to keep you look younger:

  1. Make sure all of your organs are healthy and in balance. If so, all of the organs reflex on your face related part will be looked great. Therefore, you do not need make up. It’s natural healthy looking.
  2. To keep your face look young is to use cold water to wash your face to make skin tight but not the icing water to block the energy flow.
  3. The best way to clean your face is to let toxins be pushed outside of your face is by sweating in stead of using any human made cleanser. No matter how fine or how natural the cleanser is, due to the technology, the particle is small enough to enter the sweating gland and makes it be blocked. Prolonged, your face will have visible holes. The holes can be enlarged as time passed by. In this case, you can do acupuncture to help you close the holes.
  4. Do facial massage by yourself daily can help your face to maintain rejuvenated.
  5. The best facial rejuvenation tip is to do moral cultivation.
  6. If you have pigmentation, double chin, saggy cheeks, scar, uneven skin, you can use acupuncture, herbs to treat.

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