Facial Rejuvenation Testimonials

Facial Rejuvenation Testimonials

Facial Rejuvenation Testimonials are Frieda’s patients share their facial rejuvenation experiences. Usually, patients got quicker results from their health issues and then think about to have younger and a better outlook.

Acupuncture facial rejuvenation can help: winkles, sag cheeks, eye bags, double chin, Bell’s Palsy, dry skin, etc.

  • Pain Relief/Facial RejuvenationPain Relief – Frieda softened my back & shoulder muscles, relieving pain in one treatment.Facial Rejuvenation – I have had 2 of the series of 3 treatments. There is a dramatic softening of ” marionette” lines.Frieda is extraordinarily knowledgeable in the art of acupuncture. She treats the whole body not just the apparent problem. Just by working with you; Frieda can identifying sources of pain, fine lines & wrinkles.I wish I could take Frieda home to continue treatments.Frieda is the BEST!!!

    By Peggy Russell from the USA on 2/15/08

  • Weight Loss, Facial RejuvenationFrieda is a friendly and knowledgeable therapist! She knows her job well. She is knowledgeable to answer my questions. She has a positive approach & spirit. I felt comfortable in her presence and liked her a lot!  Her treatments produce good results.By Carol Lee from USA 2-4-08 ~ 2-11-08
  • Frieda’s pain management acupuncture treatment was wonderful!! As was her facial rejuvenation treatment – Her treatments were extremely helpful and beneficial – NCL is extremely fortunate to employ such a lovely profession – She is dedicated to helping all people through acupuncture treatments. Thank you – Sue.

    By Sue Conant from the USA on 28 April 2008

  • Amazing!! I signed up for 3 treatments to take care of an aching neck & shoulder, but not only received relief from that but also reduced swelling in my hands.The next treatment dedicated to the left side of my body (arm & leg) and the pain around my joints were practically eliminated PLUS the skin of my was smoother & more elastic. The next day, my right arm & leg was treated with the same results. Can’t get over my hands – years younger – looking.I then signed up for three more treatments which included a facial – lines much less prominent. Only wish I had started earlier in the cruise.

    By Geneva Day from the USA on 4/30/08

  • I had three acupuncture series with Frieda and I am very pleased with the results. Frieda has done a great job and she worked professionally. I would strongly recommend her.

    By Bollmann Moja from Switzerland on 30.1.08

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