Education Information in TCM

Education Information in TCM

Education Information in TCM: Here lists some information to give you a little bit glance about Traditional Chinese medicine and some common sense to help you avoid sick and once sick, how to find the right treatment to help you recover.

Your health is in your own hands. If you do not know to avoid sicknesses, you get sick. If you are sick and pick up a wrong treatment. You are not only hard to get recovered. The worst thing is that you need to suffer for sicknesses, lowered your life quality and shorten your life span.

TCM has more than 250 million yeas history. Indeed, it is the most complete and earliest medical system in the whole world. It helps people has long life meanwhile keep health. Below is education information in TCM for you to learn why it can do so.

We all know that our homes and autos need regular maintenance. Once we find a small problem, we prefer to fix it early to avoid costly repairs later. We seek out the highest-skilled people to help us. It’s the right way to treat our valuable assets.

Your health is the most valuable asset in your life. However, health often does not get the same treatment as cars and houses.

We often don’t understand that small problems in our health can lead to bigger problems later on. Unfortunately, people try to ignore health problems and imagine they will go away, and later they face bigger problems and higher costs. Unfortunately, many physical test machines can only detect problems when they are severe. In cases like this there’s only one way to deal with minor health problems: Wait until the problem gets much worse. Only then can it be detected and treated.

Our bodies always use signs like small aches or other discomforts to tell us we need to take action against small health problems. These signs arise to help us take action early before problems get worse.

In order to explain how these signs work, and how to treat early health problems before they get worse, we created this educational information for your reference.

Reference List

Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health
COVID-19 TCM Prevention 
Use Willing Power, Universal Energy Defense COVID-19

What are differences between an excellent acupuncturist and one who is not?
Acupuncture Anesthesia Advantages
Acupuncture Avoids Nasogastric Tube
Acupuncture Avoids Sputum Tube Insertion
Acupuncture Aid – Brain Function Map
Acupuncture Treats Elderly Falling 
A Healthy Heart

Back Pain
Body Mind Soul Relationships
Breast Cancer is translated by Prof. Ni, Hai-shows paper that includes breast cancer etiology, emphasize the breast cancer is caused by the heart was injured. Thus, the milk could be sent down either to be a menstrual blood or to the large intestine. Then, the milk rotted induced breast cancer. It corrects western medicine teaches the concept of menstrual blood is coming from an unfertilized egg and the source of the breast cancer. It also covers how to save and prevent cancer. That can save a lot of a female’s life. 
Can Acupuncture Always Well Help Western Medicine Treating Patient?
Cold Foods & Cold Drinks Caused Health Problems
Diabetes II Acupuncture Treatment
Emotional Disorder Acupuncture Treatment
Gua Sha-Chinese Folk Therapy 
Health Concept in TCM

Health Standard

How Chinese Medicine Helping Patients Avoid Cancer?
How to treat cataract?
How to treat kidney failure by acupuncture? 
How Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Balance the Body? 
How A Mother’s Health Can Affect Kid’s Health?

Stress Caused Problems
Chinese Exercises vs Western Exercises

Normal Female Menstruation Flow

Deviated Menstruation Flow Problems Caused By Heart Health Problems

Early Sign of the Heart Diseases
Heart and Blood Vessel Problems in Chinese Medicine
High Blood Pressure Causes and TCM Treatments
Insomnia Causes
The Difference Between Chinese Medicine & Western Medicine

Read “To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System” online or print by asking for permission

LUPUS (SLE) Symptoms
LUPUS (SLE) Treatments
LUPUS (SLE) and Breast Cancer Prevention
Medical Field’s Treasure – Chinese Medicine
Magnet Therapy: It’s applications will be added gradually. Please keep coming back to check.
Prostate Cancer

Raise Up Your Energy Frequency to Avoid Sickness
Should You Afraid Getting Cancer?
Spleen Functions 
Treat Nocturia
Using Drugs’ Frequency Treats Diseases Discussion

Your Doctor Said….Ask Second Opinion
Why Doesn’t TCM have the Bacteriology and Virology?
Why Needs to Go to Bed Early 

Why Whole Body Healing System Replaced Acupuncture Treatments?
Meridians and Zhang For Organs Diseases Differentiation

Zhu You Shu (祝由術)- The Classic Chinese Hypnosis

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