Early Signs of the Heart Diseases

Early Signs of the Heart Diseases

Early Signs of the Heart Diseases

In Chinese Medicine, the heart is not only pumping blood to help blood circulation as the Western Medicine discovered. It has more functions be found.

First, it’s the same as Western Medicine that heart pumps blood to circulate the whole body. However, the meridian’s qi (energy) also helps to push blood flow through the whole body. If any meridian’s energy is weak, the blood flowing force and amount in the nearby blood vessels also getting weaker and less.

Due to heart pumping, it generates heat that supplies warmness to the whole body and maintains the body temperature. If heart bumping force reduced, the circulation also slows down. It can cause cold hand and cold feet due to they are at the end of circulation that heart cannot push plenty of the blood to the sites. Of cause, the other causes also can cause cold hands and/or cold feet.

Heart supplies blood to the whole body. The red blood cells in the blood carry oxygen to supply all cells in the body. When the oxygen supply is not enough, there is chest pain, shortness of the breath especially when walking or running upstairs or up hills. The heart caused poor circulation also can cause swollen ankles. In this case, the swollen ankles are symmetric. For injury caused the swollen ankle, it can be one side or both sides but they are not symmetric.

If the heart has a problem, the heart beating can be deviated from normal beating rhyme and has heart palpitation or abnormal heart rhyme to be tachycardia (over speedy heartbeat) or arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) or skipping a heartbeat.

In Chinese Medicine, heart host the shen – spirit or mental alert or mind and control the Joyce. When there is heart disease, the shen gets disturbed. The eyesight alertness shows a person’s shen. If a person’s heart is healthy, he/she is happy and kind, his shen will be vivid and shows peaceful. Otherwise, the eyesight will not be peaceful. When heart blood deficiency, there could be dizziness especially when suddenly stand up or insomnia. At night time, shen will go back to rest in the heart fully. If blood in the heart is plenty enough, it will make a sound able sleep that the person will wake up with fully charged. Otherwise, the person will have shallow sleep or wake up often. In the long run, it will cause fatigue or chronic fatigue.

In Chinese Medicine, heart and small intestine are internal and external related. Therefore, the small intestine has the same rhyme of its peristalsis with the heart beating. Meanwhile, the heart transmits its heat to the small intestine that supplies the peristalsis energy to contract and the heat to rotten the foods in the small intestines. Once the heart beating force reduced, the small intestine’s temperature dropped, the peristalsis slower down, it can cause foods and/or food waste store in the small intestine to produce indigestion, gas, or, even constipation. The stored food/food waste also cause abdomen protruded outward. Therefore, the heart also related to the body weight. On another hand, the urinary bladder that seats in the front of a cold small intestine. If the small intestine’s temperature dropped, the urination temperature also dropped that makes urination heavier. It can cause frequent urination or unable to hold urination.

In the classic Chinese Medicine book of Huang Di Nei Jing (One of the four famous classic Chinese Medicine books. It’s roughly around 26 B.C. or  91 B.C.), the heart controls the sweating. When hot weather or in a hot environment or after exercises, the heart will push sweats out off our body in order to keep our body inside temperature be stable. If there is heart problem with heart yang deficiency,  the patient can have a cold body that has no sweating or less sweating. Or, if a patient has deficiency heat in his/her heart, that can cause profuse sweating.

In Huang Di Nei Jing, it also said that the heart dominates facial expression. A healthy heart will show pink and shiny color on the face. Anemia patient will show a pale face. Over red face means that the person has heart disease.

In Chinese Medicine’s physiology, the heart energy also pushes milk down to uterus to become menstruation blood for the pubic female or for post menopause women, milk was pushed into the large intestine. When there is the heart problem, it can cause irregular menstruation (too much heat – early menstruation or less heat – late menstruation or amenorrhea – no menstruation). Or when the heart cannot fully push milk going down to the uterus or large intestine, it can cause milk sweating or LUPUS or cancers (lungs cancer, lymphoma, brain tumor, breast cancer, blood cancer and liver cancer).

In case of discovered any situation mentioned above, you’d better look for a good acupuncturist’s help in order to avoid severe diseases. please refer to heart and blood vessels problems.

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