Early Signs of the Heart Diseases Chart

There are early signs from our body before it is sick in order for us to take early actions to avoid sicknesses. Therefore, there is also early signs for the world number one killer – heart and blood vessel problems.

If we can recognize them and get the right treatments from traditional medicine medicine (including diet/life style change and qi gong, etc.) and do moral (mind, spirit, soul) cultivation, then, there is no way to die in any heart diseases except from accident injury to the heart or acute heart toxin infection or severe emotional swing.

Now, let’s learn the early signs from the below chart and get the problem be fixed by a good Chinese medicine physician as soon as we discover the sign. Then, by having a healthy heart, life is always happy and appreciation. In addition, the medical cost is very low and no one will die from any heart diseases. The saved medical cost can do a lot meaningful stuffs.


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