Dr. Ma, Sheng

Dr. Ma, Sheng

ma-sheng-pictureDr. Ma, Sheng

Clinic Time: Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic every Tuesday and Thursday

About Dr. Sheng Ma
Dr. Sheng Ma has devoted more than 20 years of professional life in Chinese Medical. He is dedicated in developing technical skills, pursuing excellence, seeking academic innovation and incessantly promoting new skills and therapy methods.  He has pursued numerous advanced studies at the Chinese Medicine Research Institute, Beijing University of TCM, Shandong TCM University and Tianjin TCM Affiliated Institutions.

Clinically, Dr. Ma has actively sought to broaden the scope of acupuncture to neck and shoulder syndrome, piriformis syndrome, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage recovery, Bell’s palsy, trigeminal neuralgia, and various pain conditions. Also, he is very successful in the treatment of chronic colitis and irregular bowel syndrome. Dr. Ma has unique insight and experience in treating complicated lumbar disc herniation with spinal stenosis, tics (Tourette’s Syndrome), traumatic paraplegia, hemiplegia and other challenging diseases. His treatment skills have excelled at the national advanced level.

Dr. Ma led the development of new needling method which is successful in the treatment of neck, shoulder, waist and knee pain as well as cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome, and significantly relieved patients’ pain. He places chief emphasis in clinical practice in helping patients, as his clinical expertise extends not only locally, but also regionally, and globally to the US, Korea, Japan, Russia, Taiwan and other countries. He has initiated a new technique in treating lumbar disc herniation referred to as “first unblock, second moxibustion, and third maintenance” which, in recent years, has effectively treated more than 6,000 patients with a 95 % success rate.

In order to further broaden the scope of acupuncture by using acupuncture as the primary treatment protocol, he established Qingzhou City Acupuncture and Tui-Na Therapy Rehabilitation Center. The Center has become a base for acupuncture and physiotherapy rehabilitation, which has filled the void in the TCM field in the city of Qingzhou. In addition, he introduced “Xingnao Kaiqiao (awake the brain, open the orifices) technique for stroke patients” from another nationally renowned hospitals, and launched a new technique “Acupuncture therapy method of Xifeng Ningshen (distinguish wind and calm the spirit)” in the treatment of Tourette’s Syndrome. This new technique has reached the national advanced level.

In order to further develop his expertise based on his tremendous clinical practice, he invented spur pain relief powder, low back, and leg pain relief pill, stroke Xingnao Tongluo pills, hemiplegia recovery pills, which were all approved by Weifang City and are widely applied in clinics with significant clinical effects.

While Dr. Ma has mastered health care and management skills, he is also actively involved in research and development for his specialty and continuously writes research articles to summarize his academic discoveries and clinical experiences. In recent years, he was appointed two projects by the Department of Health of Shandong Province and its provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration. In August 2004, the experts of the Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau certified his article “Xifeng Ningshen Acupuncture Treatment Research for Tourette’s Syndrome” and evaluated his achievement as reaching the national advanced level. Simultaneously, he was awarded the third place of the first Science and Technology of Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine Award.

His “Research for Lumbar disc herniation efficacy of acupuncture and bird beak moxibustion treatment vs Target Region Imaging Correlation” was listed as the research development topic by Shandong Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2005 and 2006.

In addition, he received second prize Technological Advancement and five third place prizes from Qingzhou City.  He has published more than 20 articles. Among them, there are three English articles published in China and abroad, as well as a Spanish publication. He had served as the “Chinese New Medicine” magazine editor, “China’s New Digestive Disease” editor, “He Bei Traditional Chinese Medicine” guest editor. In 1992, he was invited by the Academy of Sciences of the United States to attend the Fourth International Academic Conference of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles. In the conference, he presented an academic topic on the “The exploration of brain and bone marrow theory in Hung Di Nei Jing.” He was also invited by CMA in the United States as a visiting professor and won the International Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Contribution Award.

In November 1997, he attended the tenth-anniversary academic conference of World Federation of Acupuncture and the World Health Organization held in Beijing. He had three papers published and was invited by Professor Wu Jieping – Vice Present of the NPC for a meeting.

Due to Dr. Sheng Ma’s outstanding performance, he was evaluated as an outstanding individual by the Shandong Provincial Health Department and Personnel Department of Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has been rated as an outstanding individual from Lei Feng, Weifang City, He is also regarded as a famous doctor in Weifang City, a talented technical professional, excellent Technological Talent of the Century, City Top ten Healthcare Professional and Municipal Outstanding CPPCC Member.

He was elected as the representative of Communist Party of China Shandong Province, ninth party congress. In 2008, he was named as the Qing Zhou City’s fifth top-notch professional technical personnel.


  • Chief Executive Officer and TCM Physician-in-Chief of Yidu Central Hospital, Weifang, China
  • Professor of Weifang Medical School, and instructor of Masters program
  • National Chinese Medicine Specialist
  • Key provincial academic leader of TCM, Shandong Province
  • President of Shan Dong Acupuncture and Moxibustion Association
  • Vice President of Professional Acupuncture and Moxibustion Committee
  • Vice President of Shandong Acupuncture Analgesia Committee Pain Research Association
  • Vice President of Shandong Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Encephalopathy Professional Committee
  • Member of Shandong Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Pharmacy Professional Committee
  • Vice President of the Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Tui-na Professional Committee of Weifang City
  • Outstanding Individual in TCM in Shandong Province
  • Model Labor of Shandong Province
  • Famous TCM doctor in Weifang city
  • Scholar of the Cloud Gate
  • Eleventh & Twelfth Committee Member of CPPCC – Qingzhou City
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