Does Acupuncture Needle Hurt?

Does Acupuncture Needle Hurt?

Does Acupuncture Needle Hurt? Usually it does not hurt. Instead, my patients called my needles as happy pins. It’s due to the needles remove their health issues. Meanwhile give them instant happiness and soothe their emotion.

There are so many people afraid about needles. It’s due to vaccine needles caused hurting at young age. Many people carried this bad experience in their memory without reasoning the relationship to the needle size and their grow up body size.

In children’s vaccine shot, the needle used to use 23 gauge or 25 gauge needles. The outer diameter for those needles are 0.635 and 0.508mm respectively (Please refer to “Syringe Needle Gauge Chart” at

However, for acupuncture needles used for adult, the most common used are 0.20mm or 0.25 mm in diameter or even thinner. It’s far smaller than the vaccine needles and caused less pain. On another hand, as people growing up, the needle size proportional to his/her body relative size is a also lot smaller. Therefore, most of the patients could not feel anything when needles were inserting inside their bodies.

We used to use acupuncture needles to do preventive healthcare. It means that we used to use acupuncture needles to avoid people get injection for his/her sickness.

If you still stick “needle is hurting” in your brain without refresh it, you lost preventive healthcare from acupuncture treatments. Actually, patients call Frieda’s needles as happy pins due to after insert happy pins, pain/numbness/discomfort  gone, emotion and body become lighter and feel happier.

Let us look at the picture below to see what our volunteer witnesses said about acupuncture needles:

Acupuncture Needles are Not Hurting!
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