Deviated Menstruation Flow Problems Caused By Heart Health Problems

Deviated Menstruation Flow Problems Caused By Heart Health Problems

Deviated Menstruation Flow Problems Caused By Heart Health Problems

According to traditional Chinese medicine, anyone taking vitamins, the estrogen that promotes milk production, or lactation suppression injections can produce extra nutrition (milk) in the breasts. This extra nutrition can even cause males or post-menopausal women have distended breasts.

Usually, if a person is in good health, the milk will be pushed down by heart and pulled by kidney through the Ren (Conceptive), Chong and the Liver meridians of Foot Jue Yin to either uterus and Ren (Conceptive) Meridian for menstrual women or to the large intestine for males and post-menopausal women (including women who have had hysterectomies).

However, according to Chinese medicine, if a person has poor heart health, this process is disrupted.

If a person has a reduced heart “temperature” (sometimes caused by emotional pain, painkillers and antibiotics, which act as “cold” properties that reduce heart temperature due to reduced heart beating force), the heart presses less or no milk downward. For reproductive females who have not had a hysterectomy, this leads to a scant or no menstrual flow.

The rest milk that does not flow down, it will flow to other parts of the body, causing imbalances and potentially, long-term illnesses:

  1. If heart energy is weak, milk can reverse flow to the heart and cause LUPUS.
  2. If the milk stays inside the breast, it can spoil and cause breast cancer.
  3. If the Du Meridian’s energy is weak, milk flows through T6 and enters the spinal cord, leading to blood cancer.
  4. If milk flows up to the brain, it can lead to brain tumors.
  5. If milk follows through San Jiao System (It runs along spaces between the zang and fu organs or between different tissues.) and flows to the lymphoid system, it induces lymphoma.
  6. If milk flows through the Liver Meridian of Foot Jueyin  (It connects to the nipples.) to the liver, leading to liver cancer.
  7. If milk stays in lungs leading to lung cancer.

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