Detoxification  It’s acupuncture testimonials for emotions and organs detoxification.

After the treatment, some patients feel tired and fell in sleep to do body repair. After waking up, the patient was full of energy. For emotional detoxification, there was a patient cried for three days and three nights to release long term held negative emotions.

A VIP service professional yielded loudly until no voice and used her fist to punch the war until her hands were painful. She got fully released her madness that held for years.

Some of the others had a short time mood down and later was happy and full of energy.

Most people feel happier and energized right after the treatment or even during the treatment.

  • Frieda was very good. I was very relaxed and fell asleep.By Myio S Decldor from Newburgh, NY, the USA on 1/10/2007 at NCL Spirit
  • Very relaxing. Frieda was very good.By Alex Brica on 1/12/2007 at NCL Spirit
  • I had first detox treatment. It was amazing how good it was. After the first treatment, I had a lot of energy. Usually, I take a two hours nap every day. But after that, I couldn’t do it.I’m so glad I tried acupuncture and Miss Frieda was great. She does a very good job. Thanks, Miss Frieda!!!!By John Hedez Morg in Oct 2008 at Golden Princess
  • After my treatment, I feel more relaxed and energized. It has helped me with my constipation & digestion. Also, my post nasal drip is gone.By Eden Padro from Atlanta, Georgia
  • Frieda was so friendly. She made me feel very comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. Frieda is simply amazing! I feel terrific. I am so happy I had acupuncture with Frieda. I am looking forward to seeing her on my next cruise. Thank you!By Stephanie Mesuda on 1/4/2007 at NCL Spirit
  • Thank you for making me realize that I was not coping with the stress in my life as well as I should.The three treatments helped immensely for my initial complicates and have made the remainder of the cruise very enjoyable.It has given me a new perspective on how to improve both my physical and mental health.I will pursue acupuncture therapy when I return home to continue to detox my body.By Ben Potter from Canada on Feb. 15, 2008

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