Da Zhou Tian

Da Zhou Tian

DA Zhou Tian is a very good health boost up excise that each movement doing 5 times. Total 5 minutes a day, do it every day correctly, can have very a different health improvement in your health.

Benefit of Practicing Da Zhou Tian

f practice every day, it can boost your health, make your hands to adjust more varieties of discomfort and more severe discomfort. By doing so, your overall frequency is increased.

How to Practice Da Zhou Tian

Please extend your arm fully forward. (the model can improve her play for this part.)

Da Zhou Tian: It was taught by the most respectable teacher – Professor Ni, Hai-Sha.

First, kai gong (start) or called dao qi to generate qi. Then, tongue tip touches the upper gum, raise anus and hold the abdomen inward when exhaling. Kai gong:

  • inhaling – lift palms upward slowly and
  • exhaling –  put palms down slowly. Repeat until feeling your qi flows – a warm stream flowing. Or, inhaling-close your palm, then slowly horizontally expand your palms until its maximum.
  • Then, exhaling- slowly close your palms. Repeat until you can feel the heat when you closing your palms.

Then, do above 2~3 more times. You are ready to go:

  1. Inhale: Ren 1 go upward (Ren 1 -Hui Yin-the midpoint of the two lower orifices) → Du Mai (along the spinal cord) →DU 20 (Bai Hui -crossing point of the two ear apexes upper connection line and the line along nose to top of the head)
    Exhale: DU 20 go downward →Ren Mai (center line of the front body) →Ren 1
  2. Inhale: Ren 1 go outer and upward →Groin Area (the front folding line of the body and upper legs) Upward→ SI 9/10 (the connection line of the upper arm and posterior of the body)
    Exhale: SI 9/10 (in the back of the body Below the shoulder joint) → Lateral of the Arm (the yang side i.e. the darker side  of the arm)→PC 8 (Lao Gong- the point of the third fingertip touched the palm when counting the thumb as the first finger and the pinky as the fifth one )
    Inhale: PC 8 (when making a fist, the middle finger touching point in the palm)→Arm Yin Side-the white side of the arm → Ren 17 (Tan Zhong – the midpoint of the two nipples or the midpoint of the space between the fourth and fifth rib for older ladies)
    Exhale: Ren 17 (at the level of the 4th intercostal space, at the midpoint between the two nipples) go downward → Ren Mai → Ren 1
  3. Inhale: Ren 1 go upward→ Ren Mai→ Zhong Ge (i.e. diaphragm. It’s the yin and yang meeting line is the transverse line of the lowest ribs )
    Zhong Ge → Lateral Side of Body → Yang Qiao Mai (lateral side of the legs) →KD 1 (Yong Quan Xue – the depression point when the foot is in plantar flexion)
    KD 1 go upward→ Yin Qiao Mai (Media Side of the legs) →Ren 4 (Guan Yuan Xue – on the Ren Mai, between the umbilicus and the horizontal ramus of the pelvic bone and 3/5 of the distance below the umbilicus )
    Ren 4 go downward → Ren 1 (This distance is very short. In order to get better function, do it as slow as possible.)

Shou gong (End the practice. It’s the same with kai gong raising and lower hands/arms to do 2 or 4 or 6 times).

I taught Da Zou Tian to one of my friends. He practices it every day. After one month, I visited him.Therefore, it strongly boosts up immunity. His face was shining with healthy outlook instead of darkness, his voice was a lot louder than before. In addition, he told me that he was used very tired in the afternoon that bothered his work sometimes; after practicing Da Zou Tian – 5 times for each step and total 5 minutes a day, he was full of energy without other treatments.

Only 5 minutes investment per day, do you want to improve your energy?

It strongly boosts up your immunity too. The energy goes through the spine and the center of the body, it activates the kidneys and the thymus gland the primary immunity organs and then at step 3, the energy goes through the spleen – the secondary immunity organ. Therefore, it strongly boosts up immunity.

I have a classmate has chronic diabetes II. His lips had dark purple color. Spleen’s health manifest on the lips. If the spleen is healthy, the lip color should be pink. He parceled DA Zou Tian every day after I taught them. One week later, he was so excited to let me see his lips turned to be pink. He was very excited to tell me that his diabetes also getting better. His body felt more comfortable.


  • Around noon time, if it’s hot, especially when you have high blood pressure, blood vessel blockage (Your tongue body has purple color. More purplish means there is severer blockage. ) or after drink wine cannot do Da  Zhou Tien, to avoid blood vessels burst in your head and get stroke to be sent to emergency.
  • Do not do it after drinking wine due to wine pull Qi going up to the head. Too much I going to the head could cause a stroke if have high blood pressure or blockage in the heart blood vessels.
  • Not do it in the night time. That can cause you full of energy and hard to fall in sleep.
  • Had a surgery and the wound has not closed well yet.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Before doing any exercise, please discuss with your physician to avoid accidents.
  • If you have high blood pressure and a hard neck, please loosen your neck first. Otherwise, after some days’ practice, when your qi gets stronger and be blocked by your hard neck to go up to the head, it will cause your blood pressure going worse after practice Da Zhou Tian. So, please loosen your neck first.

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