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  • Around noon time, if it’s hot, especially when you have high blood pressure, blood vessel blockage (Your tongue body has purple color. More purplish means there is severer blockage. ) or after drink wine cannot do Da  Zhou Tien, to avoid blood vessels burst in your head and get stroke to be sent to emergency.
  • Do not do it after drinking wine due to wine pull Qi going up to the head. Too much I going to the head could cause a stroke if have high blood pressure or blockage in the heart blood vessels.
  • Not do it in the night time. That can cause you full of energy and hard to fall in sleep.
  • Had a surgery and the wound has not closed well yet.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Before doing any exercise, please discuss with your physician to avoid accidents.
  • If you have high blood pressure and a hard neck, please loosen your neck first. Otherwise, after some days’ practice, when your qi gets stronger and be blocked by your hard neck to go up to the head, it will cause your blood pressure going worse after practice Da Zhou Tian. So, please loosen your neck first.

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