Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health

Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health

Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health: The secret miracle to turn a health problem around is to boost the yang qi. When the yang qi is strong enough to conquer the pathogens or the negative factors of aging or degeneration, the person can keep a healthy, happy, and abundant life!


Qi is flowing particles that can benefit or harm life. The yang qi benefits live. Yet, the pathogen qi harm life. This kind of qi affects all lives.

Or, qi is an invisible power such as the will power to influence a life toward a specific direction to act.

All lives depend on the yang qi grow healthily and having a fruitful harvest.

Any living life has no vital Qi or Yang Qi causing death.

The pathogen Qi in the universe makes a life sick or even die.

Qi flowing inside the body can bring away toxins, cells metabolism waste, dead cells, brings in nutrients, neurotransmitters, white cells, hormones, etc. to the site to do defense and repair jobs. It can renew cells.

The qi is unique in the Chinese medicine.

It contains the functional energy to keep a life’s vitality activities and tiny material particles to maintain the life needed nutrients, fluids, neurotransmitters, hormones, etc. and the metabolic waste.

We call the functional energy is the yang part of the Qi and call the material part is the yin part of the Qi.

Yang means male, functional, hot, warm, quick, bright, sunny, acute, etc.

Yin means female, material, cold, chill, slow, dark, moon, chronic, etc.

In Chinese medicine, always yin and yang coexists. Qi has its yang part and yin part. Let me call the yang part as the yang Qi to avoid misunderstandings with the other author’s possible translations.

The Functions of the Yang Qi

The yang qi functions are:

  1. Delivery Function:

    It transports life needed materials or cell metabolism generated waste substances or dead cells. It detoxifies, eliminates the blockage such as the blood stasis or Qi stagnation or phlegm accumulation. It dominates the Qi, blood, saliva, semen circulation function. It controls the growth, reproductive functions and the normal functioning of various organs’ functions. It stabilizes the nerves and emotions.

    Thus, the yang qi maintains the best performance of the body. It lets the undeveloped bodies grow. If it applies longevity to maintain health, the yang Qi even can reverse the aging process.

    Use this function, can treat atrophy, pain, tumor, degeneration, organ failure, body rejuvenation, solve aging problems, etc.

  2. Warming and Regulating Function:

    It keeps a fixed body temperature range to provide heat for the body’s physiological functions. It keeps the best environment to execute body functions such as transporting all materials, does metabolism, etc. It maintains softness and elasticity of all soft tissues. Therefore, once a person dies, the Yang Qi is gone, the body gradually becomes hard.

    Use this function, can release a patient’s tight muscles or tendons to avoid their tearing. Meanwhile, it lifts a patient’s low metabolism. Further, make an overweight patient have a better outlook with energy to avoid getting diabetes, fatigue, or mobility problems. Or, treat infertility patents that are induced by a cold uterus to pregnant and avoid getting lass humanity IVF babies. Also, let a person with a cold constitution or having cold syndromes feel warmer and comfortable. It can make the cancer patient’s cold constitution to have a normal body temperature to not allow cancer cells to survive. Also, it can treat many nowadays’ no clue diseases.

    Therefore, in many cases, when western medicine declares a patient’s death or gives up his treatment, most chances, Chinese medicine can make the patient’s life turn around.

    When sending patients to the morgue, but many of them, the body is still warm. In Chinese medicine, a dead person’s body has no temperature. Therefore, a patient with a warm body is still alive. Most chances, Chinese medicine can save them.

    Now, please think, how scared, mad, sad, disappointed could these patients feel. Even they cannot talk!

    Translocation thinking is part of Chinese culture. It promotes kindness, reduces selfishly, increases mutual understanding, etc.

    If you are a medical field professional, could you please do the translocation thinking? Someday, if you adopted a different modality, you can be healthier. Instead, you are on the way to the morgue. How will you feel?

    What do you want to do or change now to prevent this from happening to you and your loved ones?!

  1. Defense Function:

    It controls the opening and closing of the skin pores. By doing so can resist wind, coldness, heat, wetness, dryness, fire and other pathogens invading the body.

    It also brings the killing cells, macrophages, etc. to the problem site to do defense to kill the invaded bacteria, viruses, or expel parasites and other pathogens out of the body.

    Further, it repairs organs, tissues, and cells, keeping them healthy and functional. Use this function, can treat or prevent low immunity, arthritis, infections, flu, cancer, etc.

  2. Astringent or Retention Function:

    It keeps blood, body fluids, and essence (pure nutrients) without leakage as well as retaining the blood and body fluid flowing inside its route without flowing into the wrong places.

    It regulates the body having normal fluid, semen, endocrine secretion, and menstruation flow.

    Meanwhile, it maintains the nerves, blood vessels, and the meridian on the right route without wrong connections.

    Keeps various organs, tissues maintain normal morphology and locations.

    Therefore, Chinese medicine has uncounted cases of successfully corrected body distortion and prolapsed organs. Also, use it to stop bleeding.

  3. Vaporization Function:

    It transforms the body’s physical materials and energy inside our body. Or say, it transforms the qi, blood, fluid, liquid, the body essences to connect with the spirit and soul. If rising up one’s overall frequency, it rises up the spirituality and promotes one’s health.
    Use this function, can treat dryness, thirsty, etc..

    On the other hand, if it raises spirituality, it also improves health. Therefore, ethical cultivation rises the yang Qi and improves health. That’s what we teach in the whole body healing system** to let people know that any positive mindset or behavior of gratitude, collaboration can feel the Qi following stronger right the way.

    **The whole body healing system will be posted in another article.

    It’s due to it fits the universal codes of ethics. If all of human beings can understand it, the injustice wars will reduce, the world is more peaceful. One’s self-conscious mind stops the money driving intention and acts that hurt the others.


Thus, Chinese medicine emphasizes the maintenance of Yang Qi to achieve health! Moreover, ancient Chinese medicine practitioners can correctly diagnose the yin and yang. They know how to boost yang qi. They can treat a lot nowadays with no clue diseases.

From here, you can understand why acupuncture, the whole body healing system, qigong, herbs, etc. can treat so many diseases.

Moreover, ancient Chinese emphasized medicine moral cultivation. Modern school education should teach mora cultivation to reduce diseases, cut down wars and social conflicts.

To gain and maintain health is not hard in Chinese medicine: Keep qi and blood harmonized* and flow smoothly, yin and yang balanced, keep positive in thinking, attitude, and behavior, have correct lifestyle, diet, and posture. That’s simple!

*If qi and blood not harmonized, it induced the whole body pain.


The author urges all of the medical schools to include Chinese medicine knowledge as the medical fundamentals to lower medical costs and avoid patient’s suffering.

Author’s Expectation

What is the driving force to allow the author to post the conclusion? It’s from the unheard voice of the uncounted death patients from medical mistakes or nonsense knowledge and the deep suffering of severely sick patients, their family members, and caregivers. That always lets the author’s heart bleeding when treating patients.

The author hopes that her tears and heart bleeding for years from treating severely sick patients, hear or seeing her friends, relatives encountered medical situations can wash out medical mistakes and bias to Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and an acupuncturist’s job.


  1. In order to not suppress yang qi, please click and read Cold Foods & Cold Drinks Caused Health Problems and Cold Foods Drinks Caused Problems Chart Rev 1.
  2. For the female, do not explore your umbilicus to avoid coldness invade abdomen and cause infertility due to coldness in the uterus. Coldness in the uterus is the number one cause of infertility and caused many gynecology problems.

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