Acupuncture Avoids Sputum Tube Insertion

Acupuncture Avoids Sputum Tube Insertion

Acupuncture Avoids Sputum Tube Insertion is a discussion of how to treat sputum in the lungs by the Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

Acupuncture Avoids Sputum Tube Insertion

It’s an excellent advantage for doing acupuncture to eliminate invisible and visible phlegm in the whole body, including the lungs to avoid many weird diseases that have no clue in the western medicine. Meanwhile, give almost no chance to have a tube be inserted. Once inserted, the removal rate is very low!

Why Is a Sputum Tube Inserted?

If there is sputum in the lungs, western medicine has no clue to solve it. When the sputum affects the patient’s respiration function, a sputum tube is inserted. Intubation can cause bronchitis, lung abscess, pneumonia, tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or cystic fibrosis.

The intubation removing rate is less than 7%, according to a wall chart in a Nantou Hospital, Taiwan. If a patient is conscious and full of mobility, intubation could tie the patient in the hospital bed for decades. How cruel is it to the patient and his family members to tie their time and rest life with the hospital bed?

How Chinese medicine Avoids Using the Sputum Tube?

How does Chinese medicine treat sputum in the lungs? Besides removing the sputum in the lungs, it also treats the root problem of the weak lung function that might cause by a stressed liver* or a reduced kidney yang**.
* A stressed liver is caused by mental stress or toxins accumulation in the liver.
** Kidney yang supplies yang qi for all organs to maintain their normal functions. Please read Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health.

Besides using herbs to treat, the acupuncture treatment can insert needles at ST 40 to pull sputum in the lungs and the invisible sputum* in the whole body down and expel them out of the body.

Usually, we use a 3” needle titled inserted at ST 40 to pull deep sputum. Add more pulling power by clipping an e-stim machine with 200~300 Hz frequency depends on the sticky or thickness of the sputum. For a smoker, use a minimum of 300 Hz is recommended.

*The invisible sputum causes the weirdest diseases with unknown etiologies in the western medicine. The invisible sputum is the extra fluid in the body heated by the body temperature and became condensed that blocked the qi and/or blood free flow in the body and caused many wield symptoms.

Usually, we insert needle from LU 1 toward LU 2 to boost lung’s function and add e-stim if it is needed. Add CV 17 (Ren 17) to allow deep breathing. By doing so, sometimes, patients had sweats coming out from their upper back.

To boost lung function can do self-healing of Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing: After getting self-healing power on hands, can follow p. 181 of “A Wealth of Health-Self-Healing, Universal Therapies for Pain, Stress, and Insomnia” to expel sputum in the lungs. Or, horizontally or vertically expand the lungs to boost lung function and expel sputum out of the lungs. It can achieve by the open hands horizontally or raise arms vertically.

I had a patient only horizontally open her arms to the maximum distance 10-15 minutes/day, within two weeks, her lung capacity of 1000 cc. to be 1500 c.c.

Relive a stressed liver, can insert needles at Liv 13. Liv 13 nourishes the liver, boosts the liver’s function and detoxifies the liver. Meanwhile, it benefits all solid organs: kidneys, heart, spleen and lungs.

If long-term intake chemicals, including drugs, needle the most painful two points of the San Huang Xue* is highly recommended.

*董氏奇穴 Master Tung’s Liver Diseases (San Huang – Three Yellows) – Online PDA Acupuncture
Those points can use high frequency of 200+Hz to sedate the liver toxins.

To boost kidney yang, can insert 2” needles tilted down toward another side of the lower leg at KD 7. With a low frequency of 5~6 Hz on KD 7 to tonify kidney yang is recommended.


In the hospital, we can see full, conscious and mobility patient lying on a bed for long-term and tie his/her rest of life with the bed by a sputum tube. Coughing, painful sputum removal for every 2~3 hours and accompany by infections to the rest of his/her life. How cruel is it? How do we get the right treatment?

According to a Nantou, Taiwan hospital’s wall chart, there are less than 7% of the patient can get their sputum tube removed. Some patients wear the tube for decades until passed away! What kind treat is it?

By comparison, Chinese medicine treatment has more humanity.

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