Chinese Medicine is Slower and Expensive

Chinese Medicine is Slower and Expensive

Chinese Medicine is Slower and Expensive

People think about Chinese medicine is slow and expensive. It’s the biggest mistake. Such as I used to treat  many cases of decades’ pain and solve it in a couple of treatments if its not induced by stress (It needs correct mindset to get ride off it.) or cancer (It needs more treatments to totally avoid it. But we have herbs to stop the pain.). If you add up all of the painkillers, doctor visit cost, even with surgery or test cost, it’s far over visit an acupuncturist. Plus lost the quality of life, sleeping problems, etc. what kind cost that paid off for no quality of life or even lost income due to pain cannot perform the job.

We treat root problems. It means that after you get functions recovered if you keep happy and do exercises, you do not need treatments except that you are under high stress mentally or physically (such as operate a power tool, high repetitive on certain movements and/or use certain muscle groups) or lifestyle, diets not good. Then, compare with most diseases once you are on medicine, it’s lifelong under medication. Which one needs longer treatments? Short term spends money (Another issue is most cases are not covered by insurance, people pay more out off pocket money.) vs long term spend money (patients out of pocket money plus insurance reimbursed to healthcare professionals, test, drugs, and premium), which one is more expensive?

Like painkiller, mask the pain, it looks a quick relief. But once it comes back, it’s severe and severe as time passed by. It’s the same with many other type sicknesses. Plus the unconformable of the life quality is more valuable than anything else. One of my patients came in and got relaxed. He told me that even he spent on a cruise cannot get to relax and the feeling of well being.

Think clearly and more objectively, you will get the right answer.

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