Chicken Jujube Soup – Flu – Catch Cold

Chicken Jujube Soup – Flu – Catch Cold

Chicken Jujube Soup can be used for flu prevention or for the early stage of flu – catch a cold.

This receipt is used for flu season to boost up your immunity: for one person use


  1. 20~30 jujube (紅棗 red dates) sold in Chinese supermarket – dry one
  2. Ginger 6 large slices
  3. Chicken – chest or leg one piece
  4. Gou Qi Zi (枸杞子 or  Fructus Lycii) 15 grams – optional. It is good for liver.


  1. Clean all materials
  2. Cook the chicken to boil and remove the blood floated on the top
  3. Put the other ingredients in and turn fire to be small for two hours
  4. Drink the soup when it is warm to get slight sweats coming out but do not eat the meat due to it will let the virus hid in the meat then entering inside boy to hid anywhere in order to get chance to cause trouble later on.
  5. Cover with comforter to get slight sweat to sweat out the virus and some rest.
  6. If possible, drink more natural fruit juice but not cold juice from refrigerator.
  7. If one day later, you are still sick, ask for professional’s help. Visit an acupuncturist is a good idea due to nature herbs or acupuncture can help you recover sooner than taking drugs.

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