Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is translated from Dr. Ni, Hai-Sha’s (1953-2012) website:

Important Note Before You Read 

All discussion here is talking about internal medicines in Chinese medicine that covers western medicine’s internal medicine and family medicine’s scope.

Translate Dr. Ni’s series is to let you have more info about how a real traditional Chinese medical professional who can well treat diseases. How do they do diagnosis and how to treat? What will be the result? Moreover, Frieda deeply hopes the articles can wake up more researchers to do useful studies to replace the current painful and costly cancer treatments for patients.

Western medicine has treatment standard. But, Chinese medicine is all customer made treatments. Therefore, the outcome has a lot of difference between different theory of the Chinese medicine schools.

Dr. Ni mentioned Wen Bing Pai in the article and blamed a lot. In the ancient time and limited modern physician’s in China can do correct diagnosis and treatment. Most of the modern physicians misused the theories and did misdiagnosis. Otherwise, SARS and Ebola kind diseases cannot be well treated by TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine).

Western medicine is hard to learn. But easy to practice. Yet, Chinese medicine is easy to learn and looks very easy. But, it is hard to practice.

In the initial phase of diseases, almost all Chinese medicine physicians can easily treat you and help you having a better quality of life. If disease gets more severe, only a better skill Chinese medicine physician can give better quality treatment.

If you cannot find a Chinese medicine practitioner in your area or a good one for a severe disease. Please do not skip the western medicine’s help if needed. Many of them put their heart to their patients and they do help patients getting better. They either use alternative treatments or they minimize the drug use.

Though the author said that without treatment for breast cancer patient can survive 14 years. In his articles, having many criticisms about western medicine treatments. The main point is to remind you that at the initial phases, looking for Chinese medicine professional’s treatment ASAP to eliminate the root problem is important and do not wait it until worse to get treated. 

Everyone should not neglect many of the western medical doctors are also dedicated to well treat and care their patients and they offer many Chinese medicine physicians cannot offer services such as accident bone fracture, severe bleeding, etc.

Please do not misunderstand Prof. Ni. He was used to treat severely sick patients or near die patients and saved uncounted patients. He was a great doctor and professor. His medical contribution if forever indelible in the Chinese medicine history.

He felt his heart was cut as he saw the patients’ situation that a good Chinese medicine practitioner would never let his patients fall into that situation! I hope readers can realize his inside pain and madness to forget his words. Without his kindness, he will not let everyone know his business secrets and teach medical professionals about the Chinese medicine physiology that was very hard to figure out. He was used to let patients feel happy and no worry. But, he bore the stress to think solutions, write and teach out his medical skills.

His inside pain, angry and worry made him die at 59 years old young age! Though he well knew how to keep healthy and enjoy longevity. But, his kindness drove him over worked and die sooner!

As a person, it’s your own responsibility to prevent sickness, identify which is the right treatment for you and take responsibility for your own health. Any doctor only can help you recover your health instead of in charge your health. Such as you need to get the right diet, do exercises, moral cultivation, keep avoid toxins like cigarette, etc., have a healthy lifestyle, keep a positive attitude toward life.

Prof. Ni’s Breast Cancer Articles

There are six major parts:

  1. Breast Cancer Causes
    Original is in Chinese at:
  2. Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Confirmation
    Original is in Chinese at:
  3. Breast Cancer Treatment
    Original is in Chinese at:
  4. Cancers Associated with Breast Cancer
    Original is in Chinese at:
  5. Prevent Recurrent Breast Cancer After Recovery
    Original is in Chinese at:
  6. Ni’s Breast Cancer Prevention
    Original is in Chinese at:

Prof. Ni did not only help his patients prevent cancer and treated cancer from the western 1st to 4th phase. Below is a picture from his 4th stage breast cancer patient sent to him. She was so excited that with additional herbs to take, to get her nipple coming out. She can have a perfect breast.

4 th breast cancer patient recovery picture

4 th breast cancer patient recovery picture

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Frieda Mah, L.Ac translated.