Body Mind Soul Relationships

Body Mind Soul Relationships

Body Mind Soul Relationships

In recent years, clinically, the body, mind, and soul should be treated together. The voice of it has been going very high. However, the body, mind and soul relationship and influence with each other, have no specific explanation.

There are also ambiguities in consciousness, subconsciousness, and super-consciousness.

When one is born, the three are in one. Since then, consciousness has been influenced by family, school, and social education, gradually emphasizing self-centered, self-greatness, and other self-centered expressions and values. Thus, it caused disharmony, opposition, oppression, and slaughter in the family, society, or group. The extinction of humanity leads to disasters.

Why? Because everything is an energy field. When the energy fields are incompatible, conflicts or collisions occur.

Consciousness is directly controlled by us and requires rest. It is like a small part of the iceberg that comes out of the water. Under the water is the subconscious and super-conscious. They are easily covered by dust. The subconscious mind does not rest. It is kind, rejecting the evils. On the level of super-consciousness, everyone comes from one and ends with the best, which is conducive to the overall happiness and survival.

Influence Diagram Among Body, Mind, and Soul

If one’s total frequency of a person’s body, mind, and soul is higher, his body is healthier and it is not easy to get sick.

Body, Mind, and Soul Relationships

From the diagram, we can easily see that if one can improve his total frequency of the body, mind, and soul, there is a direct benefit to his health. This is a shortcut and it is not difficult to do.

Dr. David Hawkins’ Power vs Force Table

Please google “power vs force chart”.

American psychologist, Dr. Hawkins, found that morality is related to the severity of illness. Therefore, Dr. Hawkins first developed a morality scale table. It’s a great discovery.

How to Quickly Increase the Total Frequency of Body, Mind, and Soul?

Quickly increase the total frequency of the body, mind, and soul is not only hard to be affected by the disease, but also easy to heal, to achieve a healthy purpose. It is easier to accept the invisible power and the wisdom message of the universe. Therefore, to be healthy, raising the total frequency of the body and mind has been heard.

The general coaches or the master if it is not required to cultivate moral, it asks for religious practice, such as Buddhist dignitaries to read the Diamond Sutra (金剛經), the heart Heart Sutra (心經),…, doing good deeds, and so on. Christians want to read the Bible, often go to church to pray, if people hit one’s left face, the right face can also allow people to hit,… and so on. Confucianism requires people to cultivate self, well manage the family, rule the country, and further to rule the world, and to be good in the world. Taoists want to cultivate the inside and outside pills cultivate the immortal way, …. Islam wants people to read the Qu’ran, ray 5 times/day, fast, pay Zakat and pilgrimage. The Bodhisattva teaches people to read the Bodhisattva, and to simulate the Buddha’s handprints, etc.

In overall, sometimes it is difficult to achieve it. Moreover, some misrepresentations of preachers and church members, not focusing on the spirit of the religion, but focusing on their forms. It lets people even more reluctant to join religious groups.

The quickest way is to imitate or use more than five hundred points’ emotions in daily life. For example, some coaches teach people to forgive others. If one was deeply hurt by someone, says A, and A has a deep bias, always bully people, and hard to communicate, the better way is to keep away from A. Then feel gratitude to have a better life because of leaving A. It is an easy way to forgive.

Such as you can simulate Love in your life, you have a total score of 500. If you simulate Joy in daily life, you have a total frequency of 540. When you want to argue with your spouse or someone, you change minds to talk peacefully, your score reaches 600 points.

The universe has an invisible law. The most important and relevant to people is morality. And it is forever unchanged. It does not change with the changing values. Such as filial piety, benevolence, cooperation, gratitude,…. etc.

How Do You Know if an Action is An Ethical Act?

Method one:

  1. Rub the palms together to feel the heat. Then, put them on your legs, and feel the heat of your palms are the same.
  2. Take one palm to your mouth and say “I love you” three or five times to the palm.
  3. Raise the other palm right away and say the same times of “I hate you” to this palm.
  4. Put your palms on your legs and can feel the palm of saying “I love you” is warmer.

Method Two:

  1. Align the palms with one horizontal line on the wrist. The middle finger of both hands has the same length.
  2. Take one palm to your mouth and say “I love you” three or five times to the palm.
  3. Raise the other hand right away and say the same times “I hate you” to this palm.
  4. Align the palms on the original horizontal line of the wrist and you can see the middle finger of the palm of the “I love you” is longer.

With these two methods, you can know the behavior and its opposite behavior, which one is good or bad.

Totally Raising Up the Total Frequency of Body, Mind, and Soul

Always say good words, do good deeds, and make heart and mind are all started from kind. But we must also consider whether it is feasible, and keep a positive attitude. In this way, it is easy to increase the total energy, and obtain health and longevity.

For example, if one talks with the bully of a murderous king who has a bad-tempered person, unless he has superhuman wisdom, do not arrogantly to ask for kindness. Otherwise, the purpose cannot be reached, but be killed.

A Comment of the Benefit to Simulate Emotions Above 500 Scores on the Power vs. Force Scale

I asked my clients what’s the benefit to simulate emotions above 500 scores on the Power vs Force scale? I got the answer is “Life is happier with more satisfaction, less madness, life is more positive and has more tolerance, everything looks better and more beautiful!.”

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