Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure: Here posted some high blood pressure treatments testimonials. Acupuncture can treat both high blood pressure and low blood pressure. As long as find out the root problem(s), abnormal blood pressure is treatable by many modalities in Chinese medicine.

  • Very good
    No problems after treatment (blood pressure and tinnitus). Recommended to all. Very through make sure you understand what is going on and what to do after sleep better, knees stronger, eyes better, no high pitch ears, feet feel warmer, breath better, head feels better not light headed now.By John D Buxton on 10-10-09 at Carnival Carnival Pride
  • Stress & Blood Pressure
    This was my first time, I was a little nerves but after Frieda put the needles in, I was very relaxed.By Saran Dettaan at NCL Spirit  10-20-07

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