Based on Western Medicine Test Results to Treat You

Based on Western Medicine Test Results to Treat You

Based on Western Medicine Test Results to Treat You   Please do not give your western medicine test results and let your acupuncturist to based on them to treat your internal medicine problems. They can be referenced instead of treatment guidelines as in western medicine treatments. For internal Chinese medicine, we have ten questions to ask you:

From the appetite questions, we can know your metabolism is too high or too low, is there extra heat/cold in your stomach or not, any wrong with your spleen and/or stomach, any wrong with the other organs from your taste craving. So, we know how to treat you and let you know what kind foods to avoid to help your weight loss and/or avoid sickness.

From your sleep pattern, we know which organs are wrong, so, we can treat your gallbladder, liver, lungs, spaces between organism tissues, spleen, heart, kidney. We can treat hard fall into sleep, cannot fall in sleep when it’s time to go to bed, a lot of dreams, nightmares, wield dreams, shallow sleep, easily wake up, apnea, snore, nocturne,  sleepwalking, PTSD insomnia of sleeping cook & doing house chore, sleeping speech, etc.

From your urination color, amount, we can know your body is cold, hot, normal or blockage in intestines or kidneys filtering and/or other functions not right. From your bowel movement, we can know your digestion system, lungs and liver problems, etc.

From the four limbs temperature, we can know your heart problem and/or any blockage when transmitting heat to the end of the four limbs. If your feet and hands are warm, congratulation that you do not need to worry about heart/circulation problem and cancer.

From thirsty questions, we can know if you have stomach heat or cold or water retention inside your body. From your abnormal sweat, we know if you have the heart problem or your defense energy is going weak, or phlegm inside your lungs.

From the time of your energy drop, we can notice where is the problem.

From female questions, we can know if your uterus has cold inside, potential tumor, spleen weak, potential heart problems, cancers, anemia, and/or infertility as well as potential next generation’s health problems. Besides the ten questions, we can see your internal problems from your face, tongue, pulse, eyes, palm, and nail. Correct diagnosis leads to correct treatments.

They are concluded from a couple of thousands of years wisdom. Now, you should know why Chinese medicine do not need to order costly test(s) usually. Therefore, it saves a lot medical cost to relive our later generations’ financial burden and give them more hope for their future.

On another hand, Chinese medicine diagnosis has eight diagnosis principles. They are hot, cold, deficiency, excess, internal, external, yin and yang differentiations. Any organ’s sick can be the combination or them. such as high blood pressure can be kidney yin deficiency or kidney yang deficiency or kidney yang deficiency with yin excess or both kidney yin and yang deficiency or …etc.

It’s another reason that we cannot base on a western test to treat you without the eight principal diagnoses and organ’s differentiation.

If a couple organs sick together, the combination is even complicated. How to diagnosis and/or how to treat, it’s not a simple solution and not everyone can treat it well.

You might question about how about the blood test – the important and the most basic test in western internal medicine? If any organ goes wrong, the blood test could show some abnormal. We can diagnose organ abnormal and what kind abnormal that can cause blood test abnormal. However, the blood test cannot pinpoint out how any organ is abnormal as the eight principles can tell us how to treat a patient.

How do we know that you have heart artery blockage or not? We can see it from your tongue that at the heart position, there is purplish color. Darker purplish means the blockage is more severe. Blood is precious, don’t lose it if you can keep it.

Hence, a good diagnosis worth a lot and can save you a lot of money even life.

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