Avoid Emotional Disturbances to a Pregnant Woman

Avoid Emotional Disturbances to a Pregnancy Woman

Avoid Emotional Disturbances to a Pregnancy Woman lets you aware what kind impact to a future kid if adding an emotional disturbance to a pregnant woman.

Many pregnant women experienced emotional abused while they are pregnant. The abuse could be from her family members, work environment, pregnant women’s poor communication skills, poor relationship with or without her control, poor self moral cultivation – narrow minded or too selfish, etc.

Some woman’s rank at husband’s family is too low due to many families and/or cultures treat female as their asset instead of being respected as a human being who is a family member. Therefore, their needs have always been neglected.

No matter how, long time or strong emotion disturbance can affect the future child health and the pregnant woman’s health. A healthy mood pregnant woman can have a happy nature kid. The kid has good characters to be easily well educated and good health to be raised up.

Besides, too strong emotional disturbance, family member especially the husband or potential father or closed friend can do something or say something or have a professional’s (doctors, acupuncturists, psychologists, coaches, counselors) help to comfort the pregnant woman. In addition, energy healing, classical music, meditation, reading, etc. can calm down emotion. If the emotional disturbance is too severe, it can cause miscarriage or retarded child or any other sickness to cause, worsen the problems and add cost to take care the child after his birth.

Below is the chart 1 for easier understanding. They are based on Chinese Medicine Theory and there are real cases be encountered.

How Mothers Health Can Affect Kids Health Chart 1Therefore. how to Avoid Emotional Disturbances to a Pregnancy Woman is important for you to pay enough intention. We also deeply hope that you can help to keep a pregnant woman happy and have healthy moods.

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