A Healthy Heart Part 3

A Healthy Heart Part 3

A Healthy Heart Part 3

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A Healthy Heart Part 1 – A person have a healthy heart will be always happy as well as live a satisfying life by having more appreciation and tolerance toward the others.

A Healthy Heart Part 2 – He/she has a restful sleep through the night, lovely mind, good out look and good shape.

Moreover, he/she has:

  1. No Worries (including No Cancer): In Chinese medicine, we look at cancer patients as having a yin excess constitution. The cold environment inside of the body promotes production of cancer cells.  If a person has a healthy heart with good circulation, his/her body will maintain a healthy and normal temperature range. The palms of the hands and the feet will be warm, meaning that the feet do not need to be covered at night, even in the winter time.  Therefore, the person does not need to worry about getting cancer if they have warm hands and feet, as long as the forehead is cooler than the palm of the hands.
  2. Females have greater chances of having normal menstrual cycles: In Chinese medicine, the heart pushes milk down to become menstruation, if there are not any abnormalities in other organs which affect the heart. A female adult with a healthy heart, not having had a hysterectomy (No one needs that surgery in general. We will discuss that topic later) or gone through menopause and besides pregnancy or breast feeding, she can have normal menstruation without pain. Of cause, no PMS! If anyone has PMS, look for a good acupuncturist to get help improving the symptoms.

The statements above do not cover all the benefits of a healthy heart. You might ask, “Why don’t I experience all of the joy mentioned above, but my heart is still good?”

First, the health of your heart is based on Western Medicine’s physical exam. You can refer to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) vs. Western Medicine and see that TCM has higher health standards. In addition, the EKG can only test the heart rhythm without testing whether the heart is beating with normal force. Therefore, even when an EKG is normal, it does not mean that your heart is healthy. To find out, you also would need to do other tests such as a blood test for heart enzyme, a nuclear scan, an MRI or coronary angiography (or arteriography). However, your body has the ability to tell you what is wrong.

Secondly, your body’s health and emotions change day by day. In the long run, you forget what it felt like to be really healthy and what should be your body’s normal condition when it is healthy.

However, health includes physical and mental health. Physical health affects mental health and mental health affects physical health. For the physical health, you can find a good acupuncturist to help you. But your mental health relies on your   moral cultivation such as not greedy, not having too much desire material desires, do good deeds, etc. Therefore, medical treatments are an auxiliary help to maintain your health.  Any health care professionals are only standing on the position to help you recover. Ultimately your health is fully in your hands to achieve it!

In conclusion, I truly hope that you have a healthy heart and a happy mind to enjoy your life. No matter the circumstances, you might create many things in your life span instead of creating life again. But once your life has passed, it is passed. You have no way to bring it back. On the other hand, you might mistreat someone if your heart/emotion is abnormal and you may never have the opportunity to make it up to them in your lifetime. In our life, we want to keep this kind of debt as low as possible. Right?

Please maintain your health – it is the most valuable asset that you will need every moment!

I wish you good health, as well as, a long and happy life.

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